During the Finals on March 16th, 2018 DisGover was elected as Best Traineeship Benelux 2017.

The jury praised the fact that the DisGover traineeship really brings a cultural change within a governmental environment.

There is a very high Return on Investment on both social (the donation of knowledge) and financial level. The costs of the Traineeship are relatively low and the retention rate is high. 100% of the Trainees will start in a position within the government after their Traineeship. The past seven years 106 Trainees have successfully completed their Traineeship and four former Trainees have a position in the core team (management) of Disgover.
The Traineeship is focused on the Trainee, DisGover facilitates Traineeship and the Trainee gets all possibilities to create their own Traineeship.

DisGover Winner 2017


Best Practice winners 2017


Best Traineeship Programme Manager 2017

Grietje van Dijk, Manager Traineepoolorganisatie of Gemeente Amsterdam was elected as Best Traineeship Program Manager 2017