KPN Overall Winner Best Traineeship Benelux 2018

During the Finals on March 15th, 2018 KPN was elected as Best Traineeship Benelux 2018

KPN Overall winner

The jury praised the fact that KPN’s Traineeship pays a lot of attention to what the Trainee wants to learn. Trainees are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, where guts is rewarded and with room for failure. The Traineeship focusses on development, more so on how you achieve it rather than what you achieve. The Traineeship has a social purpose. In the pitch, KPN explained the Traineeship from different angles and this also clearly showed how the Traineeship is being embedded in the organization.


Best Practice winners 2018

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Best Traineeship Programme Manager 2018

Claudette Rensen of KPN was elected as Best Traineeship Program Manager 2018.

Claudette Rensen of KPN