Why participate?

Seven reasons to participate

  1. Meet with fellow traineeships and gain further insight on the different traineeships in the market
  2. As a participating organization you will receive a benchmark report that:
    • you can use internally to improve your traineeship
    • indicates to (future) trainees that your company takes talent development seriously
    • gives unique insights in the latest trends of talent development
    • shows the improvements that you made to your traineeship (only for recurring participants)
  3. A maximum of 10 organisations receive the accreditation that can be used in your communication
  4. 5 organisations will be elected to be Best Practice in one of the categories which can be used in external communications to future trainees
  5. Get first hand feedback of your trainees on the performance of the Traineeship Program Manager
  6. All Best Practice winners win the Best Practice Award of their category and leverage the corresponding exposure
  7. You can win the overall Award for the Best Traineeship Benelux and leverage the corresponding exposure.