What to do?

TimelineWhat do you have to do to become the Best Traineeship Benelux?


You can register for participation by sending the completed Registration form to info@deheerconsultancy.nl.

First round: complete online questionnaire for benchmarks

A benchmark will be conducted amongst the participating organisations. At least 10 (ex-)trainees need to complete the online questionnaire. This benchmark will be based on 10 topics (Programme Duration | Department Familiarity | Personal Branding | Balanced Projects |International Exposure | Performance appraisal | Training & Development | Mentorship | Return on investment | Programme Guidance). Based upon the overall score on the 10 benchmarks topics, 10 organisations will be selected to proceed to the second round.

Second round: panel discussion with jury

The jury will interview the ten best scoring traineeships about five “Best Practice” topics (Personal Branding | Balanced Projects | Performance Appraisal | Training & Development | Return on Investment) in which they can become the “Best Practice” winner.

After this round the five best scoring traineeships will be selected to be “Best Practice” winner in one of the five “Best Practice” categories and also the “Best Traineeship Programme Manager” will be selected after this round.

Third round: elevator pitch

The third round will determine who of the five Best in Practice winners will become the overall winner. In this round the five winners will compete against each other in an elevator pitch. The overall winner wins the Award for Best Traineeship Benelux.