Testimonial KPN

Testimonial KPNWe have joined the benchmark as KPN with our Young Talent Program for three years now. The survey gives us a good insight in the strengths and weaknesses of the program over several important categories. It is an objective and useful point of view when you plan to improve your program. The report also gives useful information on how the trainees examine their own program, what they think is important and which elements are actually implemented. Also the contact with other companies during the finals is interesting and inspiring! We are very proud to be elected as overall winner for the Best Traineeship 2018!

Claudette Rensen, Senior Talent Manager Young Talent Program


Testimonial Van Oord

Van Oord participated in this election of The Best Traineeship Benelux for the first time. It is a very well organised election with focus on important topics in the labour market in combination with different topics important for an excellent traineeship. We’ve got good insights from the benchmark report and learned about the strengths & improvements regarding our Technical Traineeship. Van Oord offers an International Technical Traineeship as from 2006 and we keep on developing the programme, especially with help from our Trainees. We joined the finals and enjoyed the pitches from other companies.

Maurice de Kok, Manager Trainee Programme


Testimonial Mainfreight

Testimonial ManfreightIt was great to learn from the feedback of the benchmark report so that we can improve our European Management Trainee Program. The pitches in the final where great to experience how the trainee programs in other organizations look like.

Anne-Kim Alserda, Training & Development

Testimonial Facilicom

It was a pleasant experience and nice to have a full benchmark report of our traineeship
Elise van der Ende, Adviseur HR Development


Testimonial DisGover

DisGoverParticipating in the Best Traineeship Benelux competition is very valuable for DisGover. The research that the organization of ‘Best traineeship Benelux’ does is thorough and objective. DisGover has been participating for several years and has used the results of the research to improve the traineeship. The interview with the professional jury and the results that arise from this, proofs the members of the jury are experts in this area. They are aware of the latest trends and very important, they really immerse themselves in our company. Besides that we have been able to improve our traineeship, participating in this competition is also very good for the teamspirit. Joining the competition is really a great adventure and fun to experience with colleagues.

Sabine Gerrese, Entepreneurial Manager


Testimonial Gemeente Amsterdam

Gemeente AmsterdamWe joined the benchmark for the first time to see where our traineeship stands among the competition. The benchmark report provided valuable information about our points of improvement and about the strong aspects of our program. To receive two awards, one for Balanced Projects and one for Best Traineeship Program Manager, is confirmation and recognition for us as an organization but also for our trainees (and is a cause for celebration!). We have enjoyed our participation in the Best Traineeship Benelux and have gained very useful insights. We’ll be back for more!

Vincent Barneveld, Project Leader Traineepool Organisation


Testimonial Enexis

After being the proud overall winner of Best Traineeship Benelux 2015, we decided to participate again this year. As a result, we made it to the final round and won in the category ‘Personal Branding’.

Testimonial EnexisJoining the Best Traineeship Benelux gives us the opportunity to be inspired by the trainee programs of other organizations and gives us a moment of reflection thanks to a professional jury. These insights helps us to keep improving our program. Besides that, winning Best Traineeship Benelux is a great way to attract young potentials to our organization and show them how proud we are of our two-year traineeprogram!

Mart Koeslag, Manager Enexis Group Trainee Program


Testimonial Delta Lloyd

In 2016 we joined the competition for the fourth time, being in the final for the third time. Eventually coming first place is a great recognition for our traineeship and our trainees! We are very proud to be the overall winner of the competition for the second time. It’s nice to come first once but to maintain this level is not easy so it is great to hear that we are still performing on top level.
WinnersAs a traineemanager I am especially very pleased to hear that our trainees come across as very authentic and self conscious. This is something they can take with them during their entire careers. Joining the Best Traineeship competition is a very effective way of getting feedback from our trainees and to benchmark our traineeship in order to continually improve our program. And if it’s up to me we will keep on doing that in the future!

Vanessa Backer, Talent Manager Management Trainees


Testimonial Makro Cash & Carry Belgium

At Makro Cash & Carry Belgium, we offer the Management traineeship already for over more than 30 year to young, ambitious talents. We can only keep achieving great results by continuous improvements.
The benchmark of Best Traineeship Benelux for us is a barometer on the strengths of our Management traineeship, but as well a tool to provide us with fresh insights and inspiration to develop the traineeship further to become even stronger.

Sanne Campforts, HR Assistant Learning & Development


Testimonial Randstad Group

Testimonial Randstad2016 was the first time that Randstad Group participated in the Best Traineeship Benelux competition. After receiving an extensive benchmark report on various aspects of our traineeship, the second round consisted of a broad interview in which the jury got to know the ins and outs of our program. The report and interview led us to the final round and to two victories within the best practices of ‘Training & Development’ and ‘Performance Appraisal’. We look back at an interesting and instructive procedure in which we learned about our own traineeship as well as having obtained insights into various other trainee programs. We will definitely take part in this competition again next year.

Rick van der Westen, Campus Recruiter / Recruiter Management Traineeship